Relaxing bath salt with calendula petals

Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation and let yourself be wrapped in aromatic care. Create your own home spa and take advantage of the beneficial properties of Felicea bath salts. Reach for a carefully prepared cosmetic with a subtle, pleasant fragrance. Take care of your body and senses.
Felicea natural bath salt is the power of nature given in a convenient form. Beauty salons and spas all over the world use the beneficial properties of Kłodawa salt. Now it is at your fingertips on the shelf in your bathroom.
However, that’s not all, we have enriched Felicea bath salt with calendula petals, which come from our own cultivation located in Masuria. This is a special place for us, it is there that we rest and admire nature. We came up with the idea to create bath salt with our own natural addition and we decided to grow calendula for our cosmetics ourselves.

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We used exceptionally valuable Kłodawa salt for the production of the cosmetic. It is a mineral that cleans and strengthens the skin of the whole body. In addition, it softens it and prevents water loss.

Calendula has a positive effect on the condition of the skin, which is why we chose it for cultivation. Responsible, inter alia, for regulating the amount of secreted sebum, moisturizes and regenerates the skin. Additionally, it soothes irritations and slows down the aging process. The flowers, used as an addition to salt, were sown in spring in a small field located in the heart of the Masurian Lake District.

application tips

Pour half of the packaging into a bathtub filled with warm water. The bath should last about 30 minutes. After this time, rinse your body thoroughly. Also use Felicea salt in the form of a foot bath. Pour a small amount of the product into the bowl and then dip your legs.

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