Natural Lipbalm

Felicea Natural Lipbalm ideal for daily lip care, all year long. It is available in three variants: for women, children and men. Lipbalm is a natural cosmetic that stays on the lips for a long time and is very efficient. Choose natural Lipbalm for the whole family. They are made of natural ingredients to effectively care for lips. Provide deep regeneration and hydration to delicate skin of lips.

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#11for women - contains natural pigment which leaves lips slightly pink and grapefruit oil which cares and leaves beautiful scent
#12for children - with lovely tangerin aroma protects and cares for childrens lips
#13for men - for all year long lip care gives freshness due to content of mint oil


Castor oil contained smoothes and nourishes. Natural emollient derived from olive oil regenerates and nourishes skin, while jojoba oil softens and creates a protective lipid layer. Vegetable oils rich in Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) protect the lips against water loss, regenerate, lubricate and as a result rejuvenate it. Candelilla wax in combination with beeswax ensures regeneration, smoothing, nourishing and lubricating. Vitamin E soothes, regenerates and minimizes skin aging processes.

application tips

Apply directly to the lips. Use as often as you need.

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