Anti-aging Lip Serum

Moisturized and smooth lips look great both with and without lipstick. Meet the unique serum – enriched lip oil in a convenient form of a lip gloss. The cosmetic contains an innovative ingredient of natural origin SWT-7 ™, which has an anti-wrinkle effect. The natural Felicea serum is efficient and leaves the lips well-groomed. Choose your favorite from among three nut flavors: nougat, coconut and walnut.

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Felicea Natural Lip Serum is a unique power of natural nutrients in a convenient form of a lip gloss. Castor oil regenerates delicate skin. Sweet almond oil moisturizes and smoothes the surface of the lips. The ingredient is especially recommended for dry and sensitive skin. Jojoba oil is full of beneficial unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants that slow down the aging process of the skin. Grape seed oil is a rich source of vitamin E, which is the "vitamin of youth" that is desired in skin care.

Ingredient SWT-7™

The ingredient SWT-7 ™, which was obtained from the extract of non-celandine. The preparation has a proven anti-wrinkle effect. High, as much as 2% concentration of this ingredient of natural origin allows you to achieve excellent results. Regular use of the cosmetic improves moisturizing the skin, which has a direct impact on the improvement of its firmness and delays the aging process.


The serum has been closed in an environmentally friendly, glass packaging, suitable for recycling. Plastic elements are the necessary minimum. The whole was designed in accordance with the #lesswaste philosophy.
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application tips:

Apply the cosmetic at least twice a day for about 28 days and see the effects of the natural oil with the naked eye: clear hydration and nourishment of the delicate skin of the lips. Use day or night, depending on individual preferences, as many times as you need.

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