Natural regenerating oil


Natural regenerating oil formulated for daily care of chapped and dry skin. Perfect for application after washing and disinfecting hands.

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Oil is perfect for chapped and dry hand skin after frequent disinfection.

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Natural regenerative oil has care, moisturizing and regenerating effect for dry and chapped skin. After applying the oil, the skin becomes soft and smooth, and its condition clearly improves. Product can be used for the whole body, but it is especially good for skin damaged by constant washing and disinfection. Regenerating oil is very efficient and easy-to-apply product with a pleasant smell and appropriate consistency. Suitable for all skin types.


Environmentally friendly (proecological) glass bottle containing minimal amounts of plastic designed in line with #lesswaste philosphy.

Click here and find out more about our #lesswaste declaration.

application tips

Apply a few drops of the oil to dry skin, rub until absorbed. Perfect after each hand washing and disinfection.

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