Natural Cleanser Oil

Natural cleanser oil consists of plant origin ingredients. It contains anti-aging vit E. Oil removes make up easily and cleans delicate skin. Natural oil effectively care of skin. Product is efficient and it is delicate.

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The natural oils used in formulation are carefully selected. Plant oils not only purify skin, but also has healthful impact on face skin. Grape seed oil, full of unsaturated fatty acids, is natural antioxidant that protects from premature aging. The cosmetic contains sweet almond oil. It is especially recommended for face skin as it supplements antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and lipids, necessary for its health and beauty. Castor oil soothe and regenerates irritated skin. Shea butter makes the skin smooth. Cotton seed oil helps to build and repair the condition of skin. Sunflower seed oil protects skin against harmful effects of free radicals and helps to keep young look for long.


Felicea natural oil for make-up removal is closed in a pro-ecological bottle, designed in accordance with the #lesswaste philosophy. It is made of 100% recycled plastic (R-PET). The empty bottle can be recycled. Throw it into a yellow basket marked with plastic waste.

Click here and find out more about our #lesswaste declaration.

application tips

Apply Felicea natural cleanser oil on the wet skin and gentle massage face from forehead through cheeks to nose and chin. Next put a hot water towel onto the face to enable the oil reach deep skin layers. Repeat it few times and remove excess of oil. At the end rub your face with cold water towel to tighten skin pores.

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