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Felicea is a Polish brand of natural color cosmetics. We create our cosmetics thinking about conscious women, for whom good formulation, transparency and care are as important as the lasting effect and intensive pigmentation.

Natural ingredients make Felicea products very universal, for all skin types and ages. Felicea is suitable cosmetics for teenagers, but also for mature women. The wide range of products enable you to make complete make-up for every day and special events.

We carefully select all ingredients, but that’s not all. We are responsible for our actions and we concentrate on eco-friendly solutions every day. Our main concern is health care, let’s not forget more about the environment. You can find more on #LESSWASTE here.

Make-up or natural? Felicea!

Each cosmetic has a detailed description of the ingredients, with a list of even the smallest amount of the components used. We want to give our customers full comfort and security. All Felicea’ recipes are based on the carefully of selected raw materials of natural origin. We benefit from valuable properties of oils, waxes and minerals. With  Felicea’s natural cosmetics you make lasting make-up, but they also have a positive effect on skin condition. In our assortment here are eyeshadow palettes, natural lipsticks, vegan mascara, foundation with perfect formulation which we are so proud of.

Ania and Łukasz are the owners and authors of the Felicea brand. They worked over general concept, and their ideas were developed into real products. Thus, natural cosmetics were created and have been earning trust of our customers since 2014. Felicea is an excellent mix of their dreams and knowlegde.

Łukasz, a production engineer, has always dreamt of creating a brand. He got to know the production processes of cosmetics at home. He learned all from his father, who devoted his life to beauty business for almost thirty years. Łukasz started his career in a family business, but he quickly moved to the international corporations, where he developed his knowledge. Those years only got him closer to his dreams. Łukasz’s aim was supported by his wife Ania from the very beginning. She is a great supporter of  healthy lifestyle, balanced diet and natural cosmetics. Many years ago she bought her first natural cosmetics in Berlin and dreamt that the market of those products also developed in Poland. Mostly she lacked natural color cosmetics. That was the time when she combined her needs with her husband’s dreams, and create their own line of natural makeup cosmetics.

This is how the process of creating the Felicea brand began. Since 2014, it is not only a way of doing business, but also their lifestyle, values and passion.

Ania i Łukasz

Made in Poland

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