We know how to reduce waste!

Get to know some of our solutions:

Do you know that the general level of recycling of municipal waste in Poland is only 27%?

Plastic cosmetic packagings are too small, so they cannot be recycled. They hit/go directly to  the dump or the incineration plant. Get to know our solutions to reduce the amount of waste:


We pack only in cardboard, as an online drugstore we also do not use plastic tape and foil envelopes for shipping labels, we print them on paper labels.


Aluminium packagings suitable to multi-time uses, just insert refill.


Glass bottle. The plastic has been replaced by aluminum parts easy to be recycled.

Make-up removal oil

The bottle is made of 100% R-Pet, plastic that comes from recycling.

Palettes and pressed powders

Paper packaging, cosmetic molds made of metal.


A glass bottle has replaced plastic bottles.

Should you quit make-up?


Felicea is a brand for which the protection of the natural environment inspired by the zero waste philosophy is very important. The changes take time and come gradually. Where possible, we try to reduce the amount of color cosmetics wastes. This is our declaration, so we are constantly looking for new opportunities and the answer to question: how to limit wastes?

With excitement, we see that customers become more aware of environmental issues. Felicea cosmetics would be a comprehensive response to people’s needs. We are on the right way and we are proud of series of positive changes in the spirit of #lesswaste.